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13th December

1577 Francis Drake set sail from Plymouth in the Golden Hind on his world voyage.

1642 Dutch navigator Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand.

1884 A coin-operated weighing machine was patented by Percy Everitt.

1903 Ice cream cones were patented by Italo Marcione of New York.

1925 * Dick Van Dyke, US actor who starred in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968).

1929 * Christopher Plummer, Canadian actor who starred in the film The Sound of Music (1968).

1949 * Paula Wilcox, English actress who starred in the TV series Man About the House.

1954 * Jim Davidson, English comedian.

1967 King Constantine of Greece fled Greece after attempting to overthrow the military junta.

1972 More than 300 British victims of the Thalidomide drug were being offered a compensation deal worth 11.85m.

1981 Military rulers in Poland declared a state of emergency after imposing martial law and placing leaders of the Solidarity trade union under arrest.

1982 1,000 women staged blockaded the Greenham Common air-base.

1995 After the death of a black man in police custody, hundreds of black and white youths in Brixton, south London attacked police, ransacked shops and set fire to cars (Brixton Riots).

1996 Kofi Annan of Ghana was chosen to become UN secretary-general.

2001 At least 12 people were killed in a suicide attack on the Indian parliament in the capital, New Delhi.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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