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16th December

1653 Oliver Cromwell became "Lord protector of England".

1773 The Boston Tea Party took place when Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and others, threw £18,000 worth of tea into the harbour.

1775 * Jane Austen, English novelist who wrote Sense and Sensibility (1811).

1809 Napoleon Bonaparte divorced his wife Joséphine.

1889 * Sir Noel Coward, English playwright, composer, actor and producer.

1920 One of the deadliest earthquakes in history hit the Gansu province in China Killing 200,000 people.

1928 * Arthur C. Clarke, English science fiction writer of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

1937 The first performance in London of Noel Gay's Me and My Girl.

1944 The Battle of Bulge began in the Ardennes.

1952 Lord Mountbatten was appointed as chief of Allied forces in the Mediterranean.

1953 * Joel Garner, former West Indian cricketer and fast bowler.

1955 The Queen opened a new terminal "2" at London Airport (renamed Heathrow).

1965 Somerset Maugham died in Nice, France, at the age of 91.

1969 MPs voted by a big majority for the permanent abolition of the death penalty for murder.

1977 The Queen unveiled the new underground link from central London to Heathrow.

1984 Mikhail Gorbachev, held five hours of talks with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

1987 Italy's biggest Mafia trial convicted 13 Mafia bosses to life imprisonment.

1999 The European Court of Human Rights rules that the two ten-year-old boys who killed British toddler James Bulger six years ago were denied a fair trial.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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